26 de Outubro de 2016
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«Straight away the visitor declares that this must be one of the most beautiful museums that he has ever visited. Others may have greater wealth, more famous artefacts, and objects of superior lineage: the Museu de Alberto Sampaio has a perfect balance between the items it houses and their architectural surroundings. For its reclusive air, for its irregular plan, the cloister of the Colegiada de Nossa Senhora da Oliveira leaves the visitor without the slightest desire to leave; instead it invites him to make a leisurely examination of the capitals and arches. Whether naive or erudite, the figures abound in equal beauty, raising the risk that the visitor shall resolutely want to stand his ground and linger longer. Indeed there is no shortage of beauties to behold inside each and every room, so much so that a book would be necessary to describe them all (…) This museum is entirely deserving of every visit we make, and the visitor vows to come back whenever he returns to Guimarães».

José Saramago, Trip to Portugal


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Lista de Conteúdos

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